Flashback: What Every Parent of A Child With Learning Disabilities Needs to Know

Originally posted 24 August 2007 First learn about your child’s learning disability. Find out the symptoms or traits and problems this disability may cause. Be sure to keep a record of every meeting, test results and diagnosis your child has. Become informed of the rights you and your child have under the IDEA law. This … Continue reading Flashback: What Every Parent of A Child With Learning Disabilities Needs to Know

Still Missing: Madeline McCann

It has been one year since Madeleine McCann disappeared. The McCann family was vacationing in Portugal at the time. Apparently, there have been no solid leads in the case. According to a piece on Good Morning America sealed statements by the McCann's have been leaked to the media. The day she disappeared Madeleine questioned her … Continue reading Still Missing: Madeline McCann

Update on MySpace Hoax

A while back I wrote about a MySpace Hoax devised by Lori Drew designed to humiliate 13-year-old Megan Meier for ending a friendship with Drew's daughter. Drew had an 18-year-old employee set up a fake account of a 16-year-old boy to be used in the scheme. Drew also enlisted the aid of neighborhood teens in … Continue reading Update on MySpace Hoax

Response to What’s the World Coming To …

This is written in response to What's the World Coming to written by Elfninosmom. In Waycross, GA a group of third graders at Center Elementary school, hatched a plot to harm their teacher. One student even brought a steak knife to school. This began as comment about the post but quickly grew into a rant. … Continue reading Response to What’s the World Coming To …

One Tough Mama

Updated Saw this on the news today about a mother in Jacksonville who found a creative way to handle her son's misbehavior. Her second grade son had gotten in trouble for being rude to his teacher. She decided to get his attention in a big way.  She and  her son stood on the sidewalk with a … Continue reading One Tough Mama

Top 10: ADHD Things

As, you probably have figured out if you have read my tagline I have ADHD. Life with ADHD can be interesting, at times challenging but mostly it is just normal. While talking with a friend I came up with the idea for writing a list of Top 10 ADHD Things. #10 Easily distracted Sometimes it … Continue reading Top 10: ADHD Things

To Spank or Not?

Good Morning America featured a story about a movement in Massachusetts to ban spanking. The law is being considered today by Massachusetts lawmakers. Kathleen Wolf, a nurse, is the initiator of the proposed law. She believes that spanking is a form of domestic violence and should be banned. If passed this would make Massachusetts the … Continue reading To Spank or Not?