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  1. When posting a comment please act as if your mom were reading the blog because my mom will read this.
  2. This is a family friendly blog.
  3. Please refrain from the use of profanity. Your comment will be edited or deleted to remove profanity.
  4. Comments are welcome while personal attacks are not.
  5. Please refrain from using the comments section of my blog to write long editorials or re-posting blogs from your site.
  6. The comment section is not for advertising commercial websites.
  7. Links not related to the comment, original post or considered inappropriate will be deleted. You may mention related things in your blogs. However, you may not post just a list of links.
  8. Spam is usually deleted but, I reserve the right to make fun of stupid spammers.
  9. It is my policy to visit the blogs of all who leave a comment. No need to beg or ask multiple times in one comment. You may link to a related post or suggest I look at something you think I might find interesting.
  10. I am fluent only in English. I can figure out some Spanish and The Big Guy can read some German. However comments in other languages will probably just deleted because I can’t read them. If you want me to read your comments please use English.
  11. Spammers there is no need to ask me to review your product because the answer is NO!

10 thoughts on “Comments

  1. I really need to put something like this together–in bold letters—where it can be easily seen! 🙂 I would think the scripture and “Do you know God?” banner would do. . . I put comments on moderation when ‘annihilate’ and ‘Christians’ were being used in the same sentence along with what some consider ‘words’. Glad to meet you, DZ!


  2. DZ, thanks for the comment about your burnt toast luggage on Continental. Sad. I like your stuff in here. Pretty pictures and very helpful household tips (namely about the meat tenderizer… nice).

    I enjoy the post on your faith.

    Keep up the good work.



  3. Hey thanks for stopping bye. Oh that wasn’t the worst part of the trip. The guy in front of us at the customer service counter had a one of those supposedly undistructable metal suitcases that looked like a plane ran over it.


  4. Dee – while i appreciate much of your information – there is an article that has some very incorrect information that I think needs to be corrected or immediately removed. How do I go about this?


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