Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Coast near Rockport as a Category 4 storm. It is the worst storm to hit Texas in 50+ years. Harvey has been downgraded to a Tropical storm but is dumping an enormous amount of rain. Many areas like Houston are facing epic floods.



I’m tired. I’ve had enough.

I’m tired of this presidential election. Oh, yeah the election was 2 days ago. We have a winner. It doesn’t matter which candidate you voted for our country selected Trump.  So no matter who you supported he is our president.  Part of being an adult is being able to accept the outcome of an election. If you don’t like the outcome the choices are limited: deal with it, leave the country or act like a spoiled brat.  If you pick the latter maybe you aren’t mature enough to handle a responsibility like voting.

I’m tired of the inability to disagree with others in a polite and respectful way.  Part of being an adult is realizing that we won’t always agree with everyone.  You can respect and even like someone if they don’t agree with you 100%. Part of being an adult is learning to work with those who are different from you.

I’m tired of Democrats and Republicans. I’m tired of partisan politics. Neither party has it right. This year’s candidates prove that. I’m tired of independents and third parties being ignored.

I’m tired of the vilifying and name call of those you don’t agree with. I’m tired of comments like how can an educated person vote for ___ or a Christian vote for ___.  The election is over get over it.

I’m tired of the protests too. If you voted then you had your input. It is time to work to make things better. If you didn’t vote then it is time for you to shut up. Maybe next time you will vote even if you don’t like the choices. I can’t remember the last time I really supported a presidential candidate.  I certainly didn’t like any of the options this time and yes I considered all possible options. We have become a nation of whiners.

Here’s the deal:

Part of being an adult is learning that things don’t always go the way you want. Use those times as an opportunity to grow and expand.

Sometimes you have to work with/for people you can’t stand. Sometimes when you take the time to get to know others you might actually learn something.

Sometimes you have to do the hard stuff. Doing the hard stuff makes us stronger. In real life you don’t get a trophy for showing up or an A just because you came to class.

Sometimes there is no good choice. Sometimes the only choice is to pray for wisdom and strength to handle what happens.

Sometimes people don’t agree with you. Life would be boring if everyone agreed with you all the time.




Nov 9th

Today is November 9th and the election is over.

If your candidate won be polite and considerate of others.  There is no need to be a bad sport. It is time to get over the mess of the past year and work with others to make things better.

If your candidate lost, if you voted you had your say. It is time to move on to other things. It is time to get move forward and work on making things better.

If you didn’t vote then you forfeited your right to complain or celebrate. Maybe you will vote next time.

It is time to pray for our leaders and country.

Nov 8th

I’ve tried to come up with something witty or at least wise for today’s election. I just can’t. There is very little humor in this year’s election.

The only wisdom I have is pray, vote and pray.  Then when the election is over be respectful, prayerful and polite.  We don’t need more controversy in our country.  It is time to move on with repairing our country.

If you haven’t voted. Go Vote and Pray.

Never Forget

U.S. Flag15 years… It has been 15 years since the unthinkable, or least for those in the United States. Nearly 3,000 people killed on September 11, 2001. Including 400 first responders and 134 military.

Take a moment today to pray.

  • Pray for the survivors
  • Pray for the families those that didn’t survive.
  • Pray for our country.
  • Pray for our first responders.
  • Pray for our military.
  • Pray for our leaders.
  • Pray for your community

Never Forget!

Stop The Maddness

Things are very wrong in our country. We have a lot of serious problems that need to be addressed in a civilized manner and prayerful manner.  Hate, violence and more division will not solve the problems.

Thursday nights in Dallas 12 police officers and 2 civilians were shot and 5 officers killed at a peaceful protest against police violence. Think about that. Police officers were ambushed while protecting a peaceful protest. The event was sparked by incidents in other states. The majority of law enforcement officers in this country are good hardworking officers who willing take risks to protect others. Ironically, the alleged shooter targeted white police officers because he was angry about the police shootings of black men.

The police shootings of Alton Stallings and Philando Castile have sparked more violence and protests.  Peaceful protest can change social injustice. However more violence does not.

Social media has exploded with post about Black Lives Matter. Some are in support, while others oppose the movement. Truth is that black lives do matter. Racism does exist. It is an issue that needs to be addressed with open dialogue, respect and prayer.

In response/reaction to Black Lives Matter social media has also exploded with all lives matter. This too has become controversial because some believe it is making light of the issue that Black Lives Matter is addressing.

The truth is that all lives do matter. Not because of skin color but because of the Creator. When an events like these occur we should be upset because of the loss of life and the injustice.

It is time to stop the madness. Stop the name calling. Stop the violence.

It is time to take a serious look at the problem. To stand up for what is right. Start with making changes we need to make in our own lives.