I’m tired. I’ve had enough.

I’m tired of this presidential election. Oh, yeah the election was 2 days ago. We have a winner. It doesn’t matter which candidate you voted for our country selected Trump.  So no matter who you supported he is our president.  Part of being an adult is being able to accept the outcome of an election. If you don’t like the outcome the choices are limited: deal with it, leave the country or act like a spoiled brat.  If you pick the latter maybe you aren’t mature enough to handle a responsibility like voting.

I’m tired of the inability to disagree with others in a polite and respectful way.  Part of being an adult is realizing that we won’t always agree with everyone.  You can respect and even like someone if they don’t agree with you 100%. Part of being an adult is learning to work with those who are different from you.

I’m tired of Democrats and Republicans. I’m tired of partisan politics. Neither party has it right. This year’s candidates prove that. I’m tired of independents and third parties being ignored.

I’m tired of the vilifying and name call of those you don’t agree with. I’m tired of comments like how can an educated person vote for ___ or a Christian vote for ___.  The election is over get over it.

I’m tired of the protests too. If you voted then you had your input. It is time to work to make things better. If you didn’t vote then it is time for you to shut up. Maybe next time you will vote even if you don’t like the choices. I can’t remember the last time I really supported a presidential candidate.  I certainly didn’t like any of the options this time and yes I considered all possible options. We have become a nation of whiners.

Here’s the deal:

Part of being an adult is learning that things don’t always go the way you want. Use those times as an opportunity to grow and expand.

Sometimes you have to work with/for people you can’t stand. Sometimes when you take the time to get to know others you might actually learn something.

Sometimes you have to do the hard stuff. Doing the hard stuff makes us stronger. In real life you don’t get a trophy for showing up or an A just because you came to class.

Sometimes there is no good choice. Sometimes the only choice is to pray for wisdom and strength to handle what happens.

Sometimes people don’t agree with you. Life would be boring if everyone agreed with you all the time.




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