Nov 9th

Today is November 9th and the election is over.

If your candidate won be polite and considerate of others.  There is no need to be a bad sport. It is time to get over the mess of the past year and work with others to make things better.

If your candidate lost, if you voted you had your say. It is time to move on to other things. It is time to get move forward and work on making things better.

If you didn’t vote then you forfeited your right to complain or celebrate. Maybe you will vote next time.

It is time to pray for our leaders and country.

Nov 8th

I’ve tried to come up with something witty or at least wise for today’s election. I just can’t. There is very little humor in this year’s election.

The only wisdom I have is pray, vote and pray.  Then when the election is over be respectful, prayerful and polite.  We don’t need more controversy in our country.  It is time to move on with repairing our country.

If you haven’t voted. Go Vote and Pray.

Pray for West

Pray for the those  the town of West, Texas. The explosion has devastated the small central Texas town. This one hits close to home. We know people who were effected by this. Like many Texans I know West that the little Czech town on I-35 known for its Kolaches. How to help those in West (scroll to the bottom of the list).Plant Explosion Texas