So unless you have been hiding under a rock you have heard about the massive college admissions scandal involving several of the country’s most “prestigious” schools. This whole mess is absurd.

First, it really isn’t surprising that rich and privileged people used their money and position to leverage acceptance into universities that their children might not otherwise meet the minimum acceptance requirements. That really isn’t shocking because it happens. That doesn’t mean it is okay. In this case the parents went way beyond what is considered acceptable.

Second, there seems to be an attitude in some circles that to be successful one must attend an elite college. Somehow those of us that didn’t attend an elite school aren’t as good or as successful. Newsflash that is just not true. In fact, a college education doesn’t insure future success or a good education. There are many other factors that contribute to future success such as work ethic, aptitude, perseverance and desire. I have encountered people who attended elite preps schools and colleges but were not able to hold a job. Or they felt entitled to the corner office and couldn’t handle any form of adversity. I have also had coworkers that attended “Prestigious U” but lacked basic skiills.

Third, a college degree does guarantee future employment or success. For many people a vocational certificate or degree is the best way to go. Have you considered what a plumber or HVAC technician makes? Those are trades that are always in demand.

It is more important to attend the right school for you than the “right” school. The Big Guy attended Texas A&M. He received an excellent education and thrived there. I on the other hand attended Hardin-Simmons, a small regional school. I too received an excellent education. However, for me a large school like A&M would not have been a good fit. I needed the smaller setting to succeed.

Probably what bothers me most is the life lessons the parents taught their children. That if you have money you do not have to work for anything. Power and privilege will provide everything. It is okay to goof off because Mom and dad will fix it. The truth is life isn’t fair and no one owes you anything. Mom and dad or their money won’t always be there to fix everything.

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the College Admissions Mess

  1. You are absolutely correct in your assessment. I hope eventually more people will realize the truths you have written!


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