Serious looking Maddie

Hi, it’s me Maddie Mae again.

Ya’ll aren’t going to believe what happened over the weekend. So, I was taking Dee out in the backyard. You know I have to keep an eye on her. If I don’t she might get lost. Seriously, several days a week she goes out for a drive and gets lost. It takes her hours to find her way back. She doesn’t even come back with bags of stuff. At least I can usually get her to take a lunch and coffee.

Ok, back to the story. Dee walked over to the fence and touched the goats. YES, she actually TOUCHED THEM!! I tried to warn her but did she listen? NO, she told me to be quiet. Can you believe that? I don’t think they bit her but who knows. You know what happens if a goat bites you? You turn into a zombie.

Yes, that is right goats are zombies I learned all about zombies watching TV with the Big Guy. Zombies travel in packs and so do goats. Zombies climb over things and so do goats. Zombies eat everything and so do goats. So, there you have it goats are zombies.

Well until next time, peace out.


6 thoughts on “Goats and Zombies

  1. Maddie Mae, I think you have been spending too much time with Chester the cat in the Bunnicula books!

    Except Chester thinks that bunnies and some baby puppies are VAMPIRES!

    I certainly hope that Dee wasn’t bit by a goat! I would hate to have her turn into a Zombie–then I wouldn’t get to read your fun little notes about news in your family because you probably don’t know her password. So, watch her carefully to make sure she is okay! I am glad you are there to protect her and the Big Guy.


    1. Maddie is so cute! Dee, I enjoy reading your fun posts as well as your serious ones. Reading “though the eyes” of Maddie Mae makes me smile–you are so creative! I was pretty sure that the goats didn’t bite you and that you won’t turn into a Zombie, but I couldn’t resist writing that. LOL

      If you haven’t read the Bunnicula books–they are for young readers, but I enjoyed them and you might like them, too. Having Maddie Mae write blogs reminded me of those books because Howard the dog is the one who “writes” the stories about Chester the cat and Bunnicula the Vampire rabbit. Maybe someday Maddie can write a children’s book and I would buy it. šŸ™‚


  2. Maddie, I am so glad that you have decided to write about her travails with Dee. I am really glad you take of Dee. I’m sure you take care of Nathan as well. They are two (2) of a kind. I haven’t decided what kind yet but you can tell us that better. Keep the posts coming. I love them!!!!


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