Madeleine McCannIt has been one year since Madeleine McCann disappeared. The McCann family was vacationing in Portugal at the time. Apparently, there have been no solid leads in the case. According to a piece on Good Morning America sealed statements by the McCann’s have been leaked to the media. The day she disappeared Madeleine questioned her parents about why they ignored her cries while trying to go sleep. It seems that the McCann’s had left the children alone the night before Madeleine disappeared. They decided to be check on the children more often but still leave them alone. An almost tearful Gerry stated that they would never leave their children alone again.

Portuguese officials and British tabloids have been quick to accuse the McCann’s of being directly involved with Madeleine’s disappearance. These accusations have proven to be false. However, the McCann’s are at guilty of contributory negligence. They chose to leave their children unattended and apparently this was not the first time they had done so. The children were not left alone due to some emergency but rather because the parents wanted to enjoy a dinner alone. If there had been some unforeseen emergency it might be easier to understand why the parents were so negligent. It is hard to understand how these parents who claim to love their children could so easily justify abandoning them. Sure they were on vacation and just wanted to enjoy some adult time but didn’t have anyone to call for a sitter. Part of being an adult is taking care of ones responsibilities even if that means sacrificing fun things.

6 thoughts on “Still Missing: Madeline McCann

  1. I agree with you on this, Dee. When this story first broke, I was stunned that the parents had left their very young children alone in a hotel room so they could go out to dinner. I’m still stunned by it, given that the parents are well-educated and assumably intelligent.


  2. ok im confused by this there was 3 children in the room one a baby if you was to take any wouldnt it be the baby?
    the one who would grow up to call you mum or dad or grow up to do as they wanted not a 4 yr old child that would have screamed the place down and always know that the peron there with isnt there parents!
    as for kate and gerry mccann they are pathetic people for leaving 3 young childrn in a room alone if there had been a fire in that building what would they have done laughed at serving each other desert?
    i think its disgraceful that they could just up and leave 3 innocent needy children in a room its not right and why in this world havent they got done for neglect full behaviour and social services working with them to maintain the childrens happiness it like me going to the shop and leaving my child in a pram out side then going home to drink coffe to collect it once id had a bit of lone time do you really think my child would still be there ? no it wouldnt they need to wise up and realise that there are jelouse people who cant have children and would steal a child and perverts and pedophiles on the streets especially in holiday destinations it is a child friendly place and pedophiles pray on that
    iv had my rant about them now thanks for readin xx


  3. I do agree it wasnt the smartest thing to do but they do love their children, sometimes you just need a brake and i understand that.You dont know what theryre going through.Only God can judge them.Having kids is hard to handle.I really hope and pray they find her.—-GODBLESS


    1. There is never an excuse for leaving preschoolers unattended!!!

      If they need a break then get a sitter.

      if they are so irresponsible they can’t handle being parents then it is time for CPS to step in.


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