Power of Prayer

Angela Montez, a clerk at an Indianapolis Advance America, has been getting a lot of media attention for her response to an armed robber.  Montez began praying and witnessing to would be robber Gregory L.  Smith. Smith an ex-serviceman and unemployed AC repairman had turned to robbery out of desperation. He and his family were … Continue reading Power of Prayer

Cupcake Police

Activist mom and extreme health nut MeMe Roth has caused quite an uproar at her children's school. Roth wants to ban all treats from schools. She wants to require permission slips before children are given any form of candy. Roth's children have a plastic container in which they are to deposit all "junk" food given … Continue reading Cupcake Police

America’s Best Barbecue(?)

This past Sunday Good Morning America unveiled the winner of its search for America's best BBQ.  The results were actually interesting. It all started in April with a call for viewers to submit nominations.  From there the final 4 were selected. So, the entire process was obviously less than scientific. All four were judged on … Continue reading America’s Best Barbecue(?)

Tale of Two

In a recent Good Morning America interview with Nancy Kerrigan the issue of the Tonya Harding incident was raised. Kerrigan's was response was extremely gracious.  She addressed the issue and moved on to the present.  Kerrigan stated her greatest achievement was not winning an Olympic medal. It was winning the national mother of the year … Continue reading Tale of Two

Still Missing: Madeline McCann

It has been one year since Madeleine McCann disappeared. The McCann family was vacationing in Portugal at the time. Apparently, there have been no solid leads in the case. According to a piece on Good Morning America sealed statements by the McCann's have been leaked to the media. The day she disappeared Madeleine questioned her … Continue reading Still Missing: Madeline McCann

Don’t Mess With Granny

I'm sure you may have heard about this one by now but it still worth mentioning. Last week 85 year-old great-grandmother Leda Smith returned home to find a 17-yr-old punk had broken into her home. He was hiding in a corner in her living room. Smith walked past the kid to her bedroom to retrieve … Continue reading Don’t Mess With Granny