Nancy Kerrigan
Nancy Kerrigan

In a recent Good Morning America interview with Nancy Kerrigan the issue of the Tonya Harding incident was raised. Kerrigan’s was response was extremely gracious.  She addressed the issue and moved on to the present.  Kerrigan stated her greatest achievement was not winning an Olympic medal. It was winning the national mother of the year award several years ago.  According to Kerrigan the Olympic medals were only for skating. Motherhood however was about influencing the lives of others.

Tonya Harding
Tonya Harding

The GMA segment also featured part of an interview with Tonya Harding addressing the same incident. She responded with anger and resentment that the issue was even raised. Harding commented that people should just let the issue go and stop making her pay for it. At least in this interview she did not take responsibility for her actions or admit remorse. She seemed to still be living in the past. She seemed to blame others for her current life situation.

Kerrigan gets it. Harding on the other hand just does not seem to get it.

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