Response to Comment

gavelThis is a response to a comment I received on It is Both Not Either Or. I am re-posting the comment here:

Good points but keep in mind, whether conservative or liberal-minded churches, the call to social justice does not necessarily equate to more government programs and spending. It equates to Christian people being Christian in obedient faith and in charity toward neighbor.

I really don’t know what sparked the bit of the comment about governmental involvement. There is nothing in the original post that even mentions government programs.  That definitely was not the intention of my original post.  My guess is it was the first time the responder had even read my blog. His thinking that I want government involvement is the opposite of my own views. My political views in a nutshell is that I vote issues not parties. Also, I want as little governmental involvement in my life as possible.

The commenter did bring up an interesting point about social programs. Personally, I believe that  the church, not the government, is  better equipped to meet matters of social justice.  If the church would take seriously such matters then there would be less need for government social programs.  In reality, it is unlikely that the church can put the government out of the “welfare” business.  However, in most cases there is more the church can and should be doing. It needs to begin on a personal level rather than an institutional level. Instead of thinking the church should be more involved in matters of social justice we/I need to ask what can I do.

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