Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! Yep, I said it. Merry Christmas. Merry, Merry Christmas.  Yes, I know that phrase is supposed to be avoided in public settings because it is exclusive and offensive to some. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. However I'm tired of those who are trying ruin the Christmas Season. I'm … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Restroom Rant aka Poor Customer Service

I know there has been a lot in the news lately about cities, states etc passing laws about restrooms lately and whether or not restrooms should be restricted by gender. Well, this post isn't about that, I've already address that years ago.  This post is in response to an incident that happened at a local … Continue reading Restroom Rant aka Poor Customer Service

Another English Rant

Me and Billy Joe Bubba Bob (insert random name here) .... This is a mistake I hear from otherwise well-educated  people. That phrase absolutely drives me bonkers. Why? First, it is grammatically incorrect.  It should be: Billy Joe Bubba Bob and me/I ..... Second,  it sounds self-centered. Always list the other person first.   In grammar … Continue reading Another English Rant

TDZ Retrospective: Commas, Diagramming and Other Rants About English

Originally posted December 15, 2007.  After eight years look for another English rant coming soon. The other day The Big Guy was reading my blog and informed me that I needed a comma for some reason or another. This lead to lively and humorous dialogue about my not needing commas and semi-colons. TBG that it … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: Commas, Diagramming and Other Rants About English

TDZ Retrospective: What is Barbecue?

Originally posted February 24, 2008. Sunday I wrote about my Top 10: Favorite Foods. Number #5 barbecue has created a little bit of discussion. So, I have decided to devote an entire post to it. While I do not claim to be a barbecue expert I am from Texas and that is about the same … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: What is Barbecue?

TDZ Retrospective: Itchy Tags

Another of my favorites originally posted December 19, 2007.  Oh, yeah I'm still battling those itchy tags. I’m trying to work  but unfortunately I’m distracted by an itchy tag. There is nothing worse than creating the optimal work environment only to be distracted by something as trivial as an itchy tag. I just hate the … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: Itchy Tags