Here’s the disclaimer I use my phone all the time. For me it is a great tool. Technology is how I cope with my learning disabilities. Cellphones are also a source of frustration. There are sometimes when talking on a phone is not appropriate. So here are my gripes.

Speaker phone use in public places can be really annoying. I see/hear a lot of people doing this apparently they are oblivious to how distracting it is for others. If you must use a speaker phone in public try to go somewhere away from others.

My other gripe is people who make phone calls in a public restroom. First, it is gross. No one wants to hear the background noises. Second, it is rude. Have respect for the people you are calling and those in the restroom. Third, it is an invasion of privacy. Just because you are cool with doesn’t mean others are.

So just learn when to hang up the phone.

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