Hi, it’s Maddie Mae.

This weekend I took the fam to see Bluebonnets. Dee and the Big Guy work hard so I thought they could use an adventure. G’Ma and I just wanted to get out of the house. Oh and something about pie. More on that later.

Maddie ready to hit the road. All ready to go.

Our first stop was a car wash.

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I love car washes they are fun. Anyway, so on with the adventure.

Maddie is ready to go.

We headed to Marble Falls. Here are some pictures taken between Lampasas and Burnet.

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We stopped at Mojo’s coffee in Burnet. Dee got iced coffee and The Big Guy had a smoothie. I got a pupaccino.

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I even got to walk through some flowers.

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Oh, here is a picture at the Bluebonnet House.

Bluebonnet House
Bluebonnet House

I took a picture of Dee in the Bluebonnets. What do you think?

Dee in Bluebonnets

We stopped at The Bluebonnet Cafe for pie. The Big Guy got it to go since cafe won’t let me come in. Something about no animals allowed. Don’t they know I am Princess not an animal.

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Our next stop was Numinous Coffee. Dee needed more coffee.

Whole bean coffee from the Numinous.
Whole bean coffee from the Numinous.

Then we headed home. Here are some pictures Marble Falls to Burnet.

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The bluebonnets are pretty this year.

Peace Out, Maddie.

4 thoughts on “Wild Flower Adventure 

  1. Princess Maddie, thanks for the pictures of the Bluebonnets and your trip. It was good to see your grandma, too! I am glad you rolled down the window before you went into the carwash! I sent an email to Dee of a picture of Bluebonnets with snow on them that your grandma emailed to me a few years ago. I made it into a fun layout of the “Official Texas State Popsicle”. I have ancestors who lived in Lampassas, so, when I flew to a reunion, I was able to visit with your grandma a few years ago. She took me to some cemeteries and places where my Smith family and Crain kin lived and were buried. I sent Dee a picture of your grandma and me and another Crain relative.

    Maybe the Bluebonnet restaurant knew you are a princess, so they were allowing the Big Guy to give you special service so that you didn’t have to get out of the car. They must have known how awesome you are! 🙂
    Give your grandma an extra Maddie kiss for me.

    Keep those posts coming! I enjoy reading them!


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