Ink drawing of bluebonnets.

Inktober 2019: Legend

The Inktober theme for this post is legend. One of my favorite stories is the The Legend of the Bluebonnet. Like most Texans I love wildflowers especially bluebonnets. We love bluebonnets so much we even made them the state flower of Texas. In the spring time when the bluebonnets are out it isn't uncommon to … Continue reading Inktober 2019: Legend

Wild Flower Adventure 

Hi, it's Maddie Mae. This weekend I took the fam to see Bluebonnets. Dee and the Big Guy work hard so I thought they could use an adventure. G'Ma and I just wanted to get out of the house. Oh and something about pie. More on that later. All ready to go.Our first stop was … Continue reading Wild Flower Adventure 

1st Bluebonnet

Last week I saw the first bluebonnet in our yard. This is the first bluebonnet in our new house. If you aren't from Texas you may be thinking what is the big deal. Texans love wildflowers especially bluebonnets. We even made bluebonnet the state flower. Each year bluebonnets are a welcome splash of color after … Continue reading 1st Bluebonnet

On Wild Flowers

The other day I was driving to work and noticed patches of beautiful pink wild flowers. One of the things I miss most about Texas is the spring time. That is when the wild flowers are in bloom. The mixture of Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes with the green grass is just absolutely beautiful. Our first several … Continue reading On Wild Flowers

G is for Green

I'm having computer issues this week, so I am recycling some pictures. My first thought G is for green. Of course green makes me think of trees. Tree near Lake Alice covered with Spanish Moss. You can see the bat house in the background. Green trees in front of Castillo de San Marcos (Old Spanish … Continue reading G is for Green

Sky Watch Friday: Wild Flowers

Spring time in Texas means wild flowers. Bluebonnets are my favorite wild flowers. In the spring time, Texas is not only green but bursting with blues, pinks, yellows and other colors. Since moving to Florida I have really missed the wild flowers. Last year I was able to go home in April and got to … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: Wild Flowers