Raised Bed Herb Garden

We just finished putting in a raised bed herb garden. Finding fresh herbs has been hard since me moved to Central Texas. I can find sources for local veggies but not herbs. I have always preferred growing my own herbs but it is a necessity here. Due to work and other responsibilities it took about … Continue reading Raised Bed Herb Garden

1st Bluebonnet

Last week I saw the first bluebonnet in our yard. This is the first bluebonnet in our new house. If you aren't from Texas you may be thinking what is the big deal. Texans love wildflowers especially bluebonnets. We even made bluebonnet the state flower. Each year bluebonnets are a welcome splash of color after … Continue reading 1st Bluebonnet

Garden on Wheels

This is pretty cool idea. Want to grow your own veggies but have limited space and/or lighting. Check out the Food Map Container by Food Map Design.  It can be moved into the best sunlight or out of the way if you need to use the space for entertaining or other things. The environmental friendly … Continue reading Garden on Wheels