We just finished putting in a raised bed herb garden. Finding fresh herbs has been hard since me moved to Central Texas. I can find sources for local veggies but not herbs. I have always preferred growing my own herbs but it is a necessity here. Due to work and other responsibilities it took about two weeks to get it finished.

Phase 1: Garden site prep begins. We didn’t have access to a tiller. This was the longest and hardest part.

Raised bed phase 1

Phase 2: Putting in the frames for the raised bed.

Phase 3: Adding the soil.

Raised Bed Garden Phase 2

Phase 4: Planting.

Raised Bed Garden Box 1

This box has mint and basil. For mint we have peppermint, spearmint, sweet mint and chocolate mint. I also planted sweet basil and red basil. Mint and basil like to take over things so I decided to plant them in the same box.

Box 2 rosemary and chives

The middle box has rosemary and chives. I will add more chives when I can find some.

The last box has oregano, thyme, dill and cilantro

I have a few more things I want to do the garden but most of it is in for now. The next thing I am adding is some stepping stones in the back row.

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