This is pretty cool idea. Want to grow your own veggies but have limited space and/or lighting. Check out the Food Map Container by Food Map Design.  It can be moved into the best sunlight or out of the way if you need to use the space for entertaining or other things. The environmental friendly Food Map Container is partially made from recycled materials.

8 thoughts on “Garden on Wheels

  1. I liked them until I saw your 200+ reasons…. :-0 Wow….We are planning on building a solar oven this spring. I am hoping to use that for baking bread.

    There are other ways to garden when one has a dirth of space or in my case…nothing but good ole VA red clay.

    Big flower pots….. 😛

    You do find interesting things though….:-)


  2. That’s wicked… Just very out of my price range! Perhaps I’ll get one of those kiddy wagons instead?


  3. Looks great! That earnest little girl is a real “aw shucks” grabber (and it worked for me), but, all in all, it looks like it would be great for people who have had to leave much of gardening behind, out of the problems associated with bending over. I could easily use two or three of these, but the price is a bit daunting.


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