This past week has been a time of great change. It started with a brief vacation to the beach and ended with loosing my job. Friday as we were heading home I got an emergency call from the store and due to circumstances that I do not wish to go into had to close the store immediately. This has been very hard for me.

I had finally found a job that I liked and was doing a pretty good job. The store had been struggling for a long time. Things were starting to turn around and it looked like it might just get better. I enjoyed getting to know our customers. We had some great customers who appreciate an independent store.

Although, I have learned many valuable lessons and I’m sure more will come. I do have some job leads.Β  Hey, if you know anyone who wants to invest in a Christian bookstore or has job suggestions leave a comment so I can email you.

19 thoughts on “Recent Events

  1. D’Ann, Sorry to hear about the closing of the store and the loss of your job. We’ll keep you guys in our prayers and let you know of any leads we happen to stumble upon.


  2. So hard to have to transition from something you enjoy to the not knowing what is next. I’ve always wished God would hand out detailed instructions on what He’s doing. (He hasn’t yet followed my advice on this.)

    I will pray for encouragement for you while you are in the “not knowing’ part.


  3. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this time of transition. Remember, there is a Plan!!!!! And, it’s a good one. He knows!


  4. Wow, I came here to look up the graphic you mentioned (still haven’t found it) and saw this. I am very, very sorry to hear about the store closing, Dee. Is there anything I can do to help?

    Here’s something you might find interesting enough to get your mind off this for a little while, as a possible discussion topic for your blog. The Libertarian Party presidential candidate . Disgusting. The comments may be enlightening as well (though please overlook the ones with profanity, as that blog is not as closely moderated as my personal blog).


  5. Argh, sorry, I messed up my coding. It should read “The Libertarian Party presidential candidate sued a church, trying to force his way into a private debate.” following by the part about how I find it disgusting. The embedded link is correct, though. πŸ™‚


  6. Hey, we were just thinking about you. I passed by the store the other day and wondered what had happened. Sorry about you losing your job. Hope you guys are ok.


  7. Dee, it was a fast closing on your store. It’s too bad they couldn’t at least give more notice. What a shock. I’m so sorry. I hope you find something soon and we’ll be praying for you.


  8. So what’s happening about a job…last I heard you had an interview….so update me. Do we need to still be praying about a job for you?


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