Top 10#10 Good Queso.Queso not cheese sauce. It must be spicy but not too spicy. Served with warm chips and it is even better. Easy queso recipe:

1 box of Velveeta
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 can Wolf Brand Chili

Dice cheese and dump into crock pot. Be sure to turn crock pot on. Add tomatoes and chili. Stir occasionally until melted.

#9 Cherry. I like just about anything cherry flavored except for maybe medicine. Combine cherry with chocolate, ice cream and/or cheesecake and it is even better.

#8 Ice Cream. My favorite brands are Blue Bell and Braum’s. We have a local place that makes ice cream in house. Their stuff is amazing especially the Cream Brulee.

#7 Chicken Enchiladas. Especially the ones from Pulido’s. I like the kind smothered with sour cream sauce not red sauce.

#6 Aunt Ruby’s Chocolate Pudding. Growing up Aunt Ruby’s Chocolate Pudding was always a special treat. You can read more about it and find the recipe in an earlier post.

#5 Barbecue.Barbecue is brisket!!!!!!! Not pork or chicken. Brisket should be dry rubbed, marinated and slow cooked over wood preferably mesquite. It needs to be served thick sliced, hot and with warm sauce. I don’t care how many sauces you have, I want the sauce warm! No, the brisket will not be dry when cooked correctly. Yes, you can thick slice. Pulled and brisket are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. Brisket sandwiches are either sliced or chopped, not pulled. Oh yeah, barbecue involves slow cooking meat with smoke. It is not cooking burgers on the grill in the back yard, that is grilling or cooking out. My favorite barbecue place is Goode Company in Houston, TX. According to the Food Network, Goode Company is one of the top 5 places in the country.

#4 Wings. If you haven’t figured out by now I am not a vegetarian. I have created my own version of wings combining our two favorite sauces: BBQ Ranch. Maybe I will share the recipe another time.

#3 Mom’s Pancakes.My mom makes the best pancakes in the world. Banana is probably the best flavor she makes. Her secret is that she doesn’t use a mix and that she adds vanilla to the batter. In fact, I usually don’t like anyone else’s pancakes, other than my own of course, because Mom’s are just so much better. Maybe I will share that recipe another time.

#2 Mimi’s German Chocolate Cake. This is another of my childhood favorites. Mimi made the best German Chocolate cake. It was so moist it would fall apart when you tried to cut it. I have been known to hide them from others. If I am ever feeling especially benevolent I might share the recipe but don’t hold your breath.

#1 Steak.It should be cooked over wood preferably, mesquite. A good cut of beef needs very little seasoning so don’t ruin it with fancy sauces or vegetables.

18 thoughts on “Top 10: Favorite Foods

  1. I take issue with #5. While the proper way to cook chicken is to bread it and throw it in hot grease, I think pork is legitimate BBQ. Born and raised in south Alabama, I’ve eaten many a spare rib and even taken part in cooking a whole pig for some pulled pork.

    I’m just glad we see eye to eye on the need for good, warm sauce.

    Anecdotally, I spent a few months in California, and people would talk about their great “barbeques.” Turns out, in their eyes every time you pull the grill out, you are BBQing. I wanted to cry…..

    Oh yeah….steak is definitely #1. And if I ever go somewhere and have to put steak sauce on my steak, it means someone doesn’t know how to cook steak….. I love to look at someone when they ask something asinine like “do you want any A1 or Heinz 57?” and simply say “I hope not….”


  2. Alan,

    I’m from Texas living in Flordia. We just have found a really good bbq place. I don’t want pork or anything that is pulled. Haven’t gotten used to cold sauce & meat.

    I can sure relate to the California thing. We live in a pretty liberal town full of vegiterians. Last year we were invited to a BBQ and the hosts were vegitarians. They insisted on cooking the meat & it was horrible.

    Hey how is your house?



  3. Ha….I guess if one wants to be a vegetarian I’m OK with that, but they certainly shouldn’t cook any meat. California was hilarious when it came to things like that. The churches we went to would have BBQ’s for us all the time and it was always that same story–hotdogs or hamburgers–and I would have to break their hearts about what BBQ is certainly not. Haha. Then we found a place called something like “So-and-so’s Real Texas BBQ.” Burnt meat and bad sauce that stays in a squirt bottle on the table all day and night is not what Texas is about….

    Anyway, I just like to joke about BBQ. Moving to North Carolina, we have only found one place up here where we can eat their stuff. It’s still the mustard/vinegar sauce, but it’s pretty good.

    The house is fine. I updated my post after I finally got to check things out. The fires got close, but they were able to contain them before too much damage was done in the area. They were able to keep the fires off most homes and businesses, though not all. For us, it was really just a lot of inconvenience, and the stray cat that adopted us Friday sprayed the inside of my truck. Could have been a lot worse! Thanks for asking and for praying for us. I must admit that I was pretty much a nervous wreck until I laid eyes on the house.



  4. I would think that the BBQ in North Carolina is better than what we get here. There are a couple of ok places. There is a locally based chain Sonny’s that everyone loves. They are the bottom end of BBQ.

    Something interesing about many of the pit BBQ places in Texas is that they also serve a killer burger. They just cook the burger over the open flame & it is good.

    One thing I like about West Texas are the steakhouses that cook their steak over an open flame similar to a pit BBQ. That is the way to cook it.

    Glad you house is okay. Are you still in school or a full-time youth minister.


  5. I definitely prefer Texas style BBQ. I like slow cooked BBQ over mesquite with a warm sauce.

    What I don’t think is BBQ:

    1. Anything with pork
    2. Anything with coleslaw as a sandwich topping
    3. Anything covered in a mustard sauce
    4. Cold, thin meat with cold sauce
    5. Anything served at Sonny’s BBQ

    However, I do like different BBQ meats: beef, ham, turkey, sausage.


  6. Nate,


    Since we moved to Florida I’ve learned that to make brisket tender it has to be either paper thin slices or pulled. It can’t be served in tender thick slices. Oh, yeah it is dry rubbed and marrinated not either/or. The people here seem shocked that brisket can be tender. Gee, now why is almost every “Billy Bob Joe Bubba” in Texas nows how to cook brisket but no one in Florida has a clue.

    One sign of a good bbq joint is the smell. It must smell like bbq!!.


  7. I’m glad to see a good discussion about BBQ going on here. I still don’t get the aversion to pork BBQ, though. Sonny’s is OK, but like you, I’ve met a lot of people who love the junk out of that place.

    Where in FL are you guys? We are from the Mobile area, on the eastern side of the bay…..just 45 minutes from P’cola.

    I am serving as a “part-time” youth minister and going to school. And speaking of school, it’s time to depart the blogosphere.


  8. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.


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