TDZ Retrospective: What is Barbecue?

Originally posted February 24, 2008. Sunday I wrote about my Top 10: Favorite Foods. Number #5 barbecue has created a little bit of discussion. So, I have decided to devote an entire post to it. While I do not claim to be a barbecue expert I am from Texas and that is about the same … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: What is Barbecue?

Review: Fargo’s Pit BBQ

One of the places the we tried on our road trip this summer was Fargo's Pit BBQ in Bryan, Texas. Fargo was named in Texas Monthly prestigious Top 50 List.  The Big Guy's brother, Fishing Guy also recommended Fargo's. The Fishing Guy knows BBQ. He is a pretty mean pit-master himself. Fargo's brisket is extremely … Continue reading Review: Fargo’s Pit BBQ

Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

Had a request for my BBQ Sauce recipe. Please note that measurements are relative. This is BBQ Sauce not rocket science I don't measure.  Also, you may notice this is a tomato based sauce that is missing both mustard and vinegar. Why? Because mustard is for hot dogs and vinegar is for pickling not BBQ. … Continue reading Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

Repost: What is Barbecue?

My failed trip to a new restaurant claiming to be a barbecue joint inspired me to repost this. It seems this so-called BBQ place only served ribs, pulled pork and ham. It is appalling and should be illegal to call one's-self a barbecue restaurant and not even attempt to serve real BBQ. Originally posted  February … Continue reading Repost: What is Barbecue?

Flashback: Top 10: Ways to Know You Are in Texas

Originally posted 29 January 2009 #10: The weather forecaster is describing the day as breezy and the wind speeds are over 50 mph. It isn’t windy yet because the trees aren’t touching the ground. #9: Complete strangers wave at you. This is especially true in small towns. #8: When driving in west Texas that strange … Continue reading Flashback: Top 10: Ways to Know You Are in Texas

Top 10: Favorite Restaurants

It has been a while since I did one of my list. I just wasn't inspired. This idea hit me when I was eating at one of my favorite places. #10: Stagecoach Inn (Salado, TX) -- Established in 1860, The Stagecoach Inn actually began as a stagecoach stop. The chicken fried steak is still made … Continue reading Top 10: Favorite Restaurants

America’s Best Barbecue(?)

This past Sunday Good Morning America unveiled the winner of its search for America's best BBQ.  The results were actually interesting. It all started in April with a call for viewers to submit nominations.  From there the final 4 were selected. So, the entire process was obviously less than scientific. All four were judged on … Continue reading America’s Best Barbecue(?)