One of the places the we tried on our road trip this summer was Fargo’s Pit BBQ in Bryan, Texas. Fargo was named in Texas Monthly prestigious Top 50 List.  The Big Guy’s brother, Fishing Guy also recommended Fargo’s. The Fishing Guy knows BBQ. He is a pretty mean pit-master himself.

Fargo’s brisket is extremely good.  The brisket was a little fatty but very good.  The sides were average but hey this is a BBQ joint it is about the meat. I did notice that the regulars skipped the sides and ordered more meat. For a displaced Texan living in a part of the country that thinks BBQ is either pork or should be pulled, Fargo’s a welcome change.

However, my one complaint was the customer service.  There was a mix up with my drink. I ordered lemonade but was given raspberry tea. When I tried to get it replaced they refused. The guy at the counter said he forgot what I ordered and my husband said I would take the tea. The tea and the lemonade where the same price. It would have been very easy to make it right. Poor customer service really annoys me.


Food: Excellent. The brisket was excellent.

Selection: Good. They have good brisket what more do you need. Sides were average.

Service: Fair. Friendly until there is a problem. They refused to fix a simple problem.

Atmosphere: Simple but appropriate. It is a BBQ place after all. Also, you could smell the smoke.

Allergy Rating: We have found that BBQ is usually allergy friendly.

Overall: Very good. If you are nearby it is worth the drive.




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