One of the local gems we discovered on our summer road trips was Dwyer’s Cafe in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Big Guy discovered Dwyer’s on Google local. It was one of the highest rated restaurants in Lafayette. I really didn’t want to go because it was off the highway and out of our way. However the Big Guy persuaded me to check it out and I’m glad I did.

Dwyer’s is a family owned restaurant that has been serving a home-cooked lunch since 1927.  Dwyer’s was originally Mom and Pop Stinson’s cafe. Stanley Dwyer beginning working for the Stinsons in 1942. He purchased Stinson’s in 1965.

Dwyer’s features a meat + 3 sides. The menu changes and is posted on their Facebook page. The food was amazing, reasonably price and the service was even better.  Oh, the chocolate cake counted as a side. Now that is my kind of side.

If you are in Lafayette check out Dwyer’s it is worth the extra side trip.


Food: Outstanding.

Selection: Very good and it changes daily.

Service: Excellent. They know how to treat their regulars and new customers so that they will become regulars.

Atmosphere: Nice

Allergy Rating: Above average.

Overall: Amazing.

2 thoughts on “Review: Dwyer’s Cafe

  1. I haven’t been in Lafayette in about 25 years! I’m always looking for crawfish, soft shell crab and raw oysters when I’m in that part of the world.


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