Review: Sodlaks Beef Masters

On our trips back to the Homeland AKA Texas The Big Guy and I have a checklist of food to eat: Mexican, real barbecue and steak. On one of our trips this summer we decided to go to Sodlaks Bryan, Texas location. It was close and we have liked them in the past. So we … Continue reading Review: Sodlaks Beef Masters

Top 10: Favorite Restaurants

It has been a while since I did one of my list. I just wasn't inspired. This idea hit me when I was eating at one of my favorite places. #10: Stagecoach Inn (Salado, TX) -- Established in 1860, The Stagecoach Inn actually began as a stagecoach stop. The chicken fried steak is still made … Continue reading Top 10: Favorite Restaurants

Top 10: 10 Things I’m Not Afraid to Admit

Aaron at the Paper Mirror posted 10 Things I'm Not Afraid to Admit the other day and invited others to participate. Well, I have decided to turn it into one of my Top 10 lists. #10: I'm not really impressed with Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Just don't like his writing styles. #9: The … Continue reading Top 10: 10 Things I’m Not Afraid to Admit