On our trips back to the Homeland AKA Texas The Big Guy and I have a checklist of food to eat: Mexican, real barbecue and steak. On one of our trips this summer we decided to go to Sodlaks Bryan, Texas location. It was close and we have liked them in the past.

So we went with the Big Guy, his brother the Fishing Guy and several of their friends. We had a party of at least 8 people. When we arrived the hostess was less than happy to see us. She informed us that we couldn’t sit together even though we saw other large parties with tables pushed together. Also, we were told that it would be at least a 45 minute wait. As we were waiting and discussing if we should leave somehow the hostess found us a place and was able to move the tables. It was shortly after I said I wanted a steak and we could find one somewhere else. Oh, the hostess never greeted us in anything that resembled a friendly manner.

My requests to get an allergy menu and speak to a manager or someone who knew about allergies were ignored or downplayed. When I asked the server about food allergy issues she gave me a blank stare. When I specifically asked her to find out what was in something she refused. I decided to risk it because steak is generally a safe food for me. Overall her service was marginal. She seemed bothered to have to serve a large table. We had at least 8 people and the lowest menu item was as at least $10-15 so it seems that both the restaurant and server would want our business and the tip.

The food was good. It was wasn’t cheap but the servings were generous. The do know how to prepare steak. However that alone isn’t enough for me go back. I have been told their location in Snook is better.


Food: Good and generous servings

Selection: Steak and some other stuff

Service: Non-existent. The service was horrible.

Atmosphere: Appropriate

Allergy Rating: DO NOT EAT HERE!

Overall: Extremely disappointing

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