Review: Sodlaks Beef Masters

On our trips back to the Homeland AKA Texas The Big Guy and I have a checklist of food to eat: Mexican, real barbecue and steak. On one of our trips this summer we decided to go to Sodlaks Bryan, Texas location. It was close and we have liked them in the past. So we … Continue reading Review: Sodlaks Beef Masters

Allergy Safe Dining Out

One of my biggest fears and frustrations when dining out is finding a restaurant that is allergy friendly. There are 4 chains that I think are the least allergy friendly: McDonald's, Cracker Barrel, Moe's Southwest Grill and Willy's.  The problem I have with Cracker Barrel is not the food but the garnish used on the … Continue reading Allergy Safe Dining Out

Allergies Aren’t Funny

Last night  one of the story lines on 30 Rock revolved around allergies. ***Spoiler Alert*** A couple of the characters suffered from food allergies.  The reactions of the other cast members exhibited extreme insensitive and ignorance about the seriousness of food allergies. First there was Liz Lemon's (Tina Fey) declaring that allergies were not real … Continue reading Allergies Aren’t Funny