Newsflash, I’m ranting again. A blog is such a good platform for ranting. The Big Guy would rather I rant on here than to him. The topic for today’s rant is allergies. At least I haven’t used this title before I checked. Well, the other day as I was picking up a $1 sweet tea for the Big Guy I noticed the drink machine at a local McDonald’s drive through. It was one of those evil kind that has one line for all drinks and a push button thing to select the drink. I asked the guy at the window about it. From his shirt I think he was actually management. He responded that the line clears each time. My response no it really doesn’t and it is death waiting to happen. Unless the machine is completely flushed and cleaned including the nozzles cross-contamination is possible. For a food chain that caters to children it is surprising how oblivious McDonald’s as a company is to food allergies and cross-contamination. I had an allergic reaction once from a shake, the shake machine is similar to the drink machine. Both times even management doesn’t seem to know or even care about food allergies. With shake the “manager” lamely asked do you want a new one and then informed us to get out of line and move on. No are you okay, do you need an ambulance, or even talking to us to the side of the line. So McDonald’s is not only unhealthy, they are now becoming a dangerous dining establishment.

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