I was selected to attend the Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando this week. For a nerd it is almost as good as going to The Land of The Mouse.  So, while I’m writing this on the spot it will be posted afterwords. Thought I would share some of the things I found interesting. The implications of technology for education is just mind boggling.

Livescribe Pen

I want one of these! I’m in a session on how to use the Lightscribe pen in the classroom.  Using this pen media, pencasts and other things can be attached to any dot of ink. It is accessible using smart pens.  Pencasts can be stored and shared using a free Livescribe account.  Think about how much time is spent just making up sub plans. Using a smart pen sub plans could also contain audio instructions. Further it makes it easier to share notes, lectures with parents or students who are absent. I like the potential of having lessons stored to use for independent learning, remediation, and extension. OK, here is something cool that I just learned. If you draw something with the pen it actually works. So if you draw a piano it actually plays. How cool is that.  One future trend is the ability to create an interactive.

Now, I’m at a presentation from Kingsville, ISD (Kingsville, TX) on using technology in the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP).  KISD closed down their alternative education campus and integrated the.  The DAEP program is located in separate buildings on the middle and high school programs. Technology is used to keep students on track with the general education classes.  Using cameras in the general education classes students in the DAEP program receive real-time instruction. The core teachers are also given extra pay to visit/tutor students in the DAEP.

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