Live Blogging (Sort of) from FETC 2011

I was selected to attend the Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando this week. For a nerd it is almost as good as going to The Land of The Mouse.  So, while I'm writing this on the spot it will be posted afterwords. Thought I would share some of the things I found interesting. The … Continue reading Live Blogging (Sort of) from FETC 2011

My Views on Technology

Disclaimer: If this sounds like a school essay, I know it is something I wrote for my class. Technology plays an important role in my personal and professional life.  I worked in a technology related position for about ten years as a computer teacher, computer lab assistant and in tech support. Personally, I see the … Continue reading My Views on Technology

How is College Different from High School?

College and high school both have classes, students and teachers. College is a completely different world than high school. The focus in high school is educating and equipping teens with the skills needed for adulthood and life. College prepares adults for careers and or to reach personal goals. One of the greatest differences between high … Continue reading How is College Different from High School?