I thought Monday night’s question from Nightline would make a good blog. “Does or should Congress have the power to require people to buy insurance? Should the health care law stand?”

I’m not sure if Congress actually has the power to make insurance mandatory. However I do not think that they should have that power nor should they make insurance mandatory. I am not comfortable with the government telling me how to run my life. I think insurance reforms are needed to make insurance available to those who want it.

Should the current health care law stand? No, I do not think this health care law with solve the problem. We need to reform health care but not this way. The health care law is cost prohibitive. In my opinion it was passed too quickly and is too large. It is impossible to know exactly what is in that law.

I am in favor of extending Medicare/Medicaid as a temporary option. I want to see more common sense reforms. It seems that many times doctors are too cautious and require extra tests because they are afraid of lawsuits. Growing up the doctors we used had their own clinic.  That could handle many things that would now be sent to the ER. Things were taken care of faster and cheaper in house. As a child it was less traumatic for me to be treated in their clinic ER rather than the hospital ER.

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