Question of the Day from Nightline

I thought Monday night's question from Nightline would make a good blog. "Does or should Congress have the power to require people to buy insurance? Should the health care law stand?" I'm not sure if Congress actually has the power to make insurance mandatory. However I do not think that they should have that power … Continue reading Question of the Day from Nightline


Tonight I watched part of President Obama's address on health care reforms.  One of the most striking things about the speech was the behavior of Obama's opponents. It was behavior I would not consider acceptable for a group of middle school students much less our country's leaders.  The behavior included booing, disapproving comments and other … Continue reading Appalled

Calm Down

Universal health care has become a very controversial topic. Those who support universal health care insist that it is a basic right for all citizens. Those who oppose universal health care are described as uncaring and uniformed.  I have even read of a supposed government email address for reporting "fishy" email and posts about universal … Continue reading Calm Down

Clunkers and Health Care

The Cash for Clunkers program is a good example of why I'm concerned about government run health care. In theory the Cash for Clunkers it a great program. However it just wasn't well thought out and has quickly run into serious problems. Some changes need to be made in our health care system but I … Continue reading Clunkers and Health Care