The Cash for Clunkers program is a good example of why I’m concerned about government run health care. In theory the Cash for Clunkers it a great program. However it just wasn’t well thought out and has quickly run into serious problems.

Some changes need to be made in our health care system but I do not like the idea of the government running health care. I’m fine with the option of a government subsided program for those who want or need it. However, I just don’t want to be forced into the program.

5 thoughts on “Clunkers and Health Care

  1. I totally agree. Change is needed, but government control is quite scary. If we’re not careful, we will all be completely under government control. Just think, making your car payment to the govt GMC (Government Motors Corp.), your mortgage payment, your health insurance premiums…..ok, maybe I’m a bit silly, but seriously, we need to keep some freedoms.


    1. I agree. I want the government to provide basic services and protection. Otherwise stay out of my life. I won’t ask for help and don’t want them interfering.


  2. An example of a government run health care in the USA is the healthcare provided to our veterans in veteran hospitals. It is a disgrace and a disaster.


  3. Well when we look at other countries and their health care we see major problems when the government controls the healthcare. I used to know someone from Canada and he loved the healthcare system and he said the reason was he never had a problem seeing a doctor or needed to pay a bill. He did say however that people that needed surgery or other major types of healthcare usually had to wait for long periods of time and that other surgeries if not considered medically necessary like surgery for glaucoma problems would not be seen at all or for years. So therefore, you see that people from Canada that have those types of problems come down south here near ocala to get those types of surgery done.


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