vaccineUniversal health care has become a very controversial topic. Those who support universal health care insist that it is a basic right for all citizens. Those who oppose universal health care are described as uncaring and uniformed.  I have even read of a supposed government email address for reporting “fishy” email and posts about universal health care.  Opponents of universal health care are just as vocal opposing the cause.  Emails, blogs and other media coverage have made extreme doom and gloom claims about what will happen if we have a government run  health care system. Honestly, something needs to be done about our current health care system. It seems that drug companies make way too much money.  Many doctors run expensive tests to prevent law suits. Many in our country are quick to sue when things do not go their way. Hard working people do not even have access to basic health care.

I have many concerns about universal health care. First, I do not like the idea of being forced into a government run program. It is fine to have that option for those who need or want it similar to what is available for car insurance. Personally, I do not want or need government run insurance. I want the freedom to select my own medical care.

One of my greatest concerns is funding for the program. While some believe it will be a free program, that just isn’t so. Someone will have to pay for it.  Is this going to mean increased taxes or increased premiums for those with private insurance. What other programs will be cut to fund the health care program?

Another concern I have is that I do not want the government to rush into program that is destined to fail. I think the Cash for Clunkers program is a good example of what happens with poor planning. On paper it was a good idea but the government failed to anticipate the response that it would have. Those looking for a good deal or those who want something for nothing were quick to respond to the program.  I believe the same thing might happen with the health care program.

Our health care system needs reforms and it needs to be a priority.  However, I believe there are many things that can be done now to provide at least temporary relief for the situation.  Until a better system can be established expand Medicare to include the who have no other options. This would probably require those being insured to pay some form of premium on a sliding scale.  No, I do not think this is the best option but it is better than rushing into a new system.

Another reform we need is limits on lawsuits. We have become a society that will sue over anything and everything. People believe it is their right to have things their way and sue when it doesn’t happen.  If doctors could focus on providing quality care rather than worrying about lawsuits the quaility of care would improve. Hopefully, this would eliminate unnecessary tests and ER trips thus reducing medical costs.

An example of how I think health care should be provided is the doctors we had growing up. Our doctors Dr. Bob and Dr. Martha were married couple who ran their own clinic. Most things were done in house with referrals to the ER or hospital only as a last resort. Common sense and not preventing lawsuits was an import part of their medical care. Tests, x-rays, etc were done only when needed.  They were even able to do things like stitches or set broken bones in the clinic. As a child it was less traumatic to be taken to their clinic than the ER.  They took time to get to know their patients and develop a relationship. Even as a child I knew that Dr. Martha was going to do what was best for me. She even had an understanding with me that I would be cooperative and she avoid yucky medicine and needles if possible.  I believe that we need a more common sense approach to medicine.

All of this to say calm down folks. Take some time to look at the situation. Use discernment when processing media coverage of the health care situation.  It is time to stop name calling, bullying and other playground tactics. It is time for all parties to approach this issue with common sense and civility.

2 thoughts on “Calm Down

  1. I couldn’t agree more, although I do anticipate that some of the payment for the plan will come from trying to cut out the inefficiencies in the current system. I say trying because it hasn’t really been stated how that would work. I think it’s fair to say that most people know that something has to be done, and that the media coverage from both sides is making people go a bit crazy. Calm down is the best advice, but if only people would listen.


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