Saying that I’m a pessimist is probably an understatement. Instead of seeing the glass as half empty or half full I see it as almost gone.  I have been working on being more positive lately. It is just a very hard thing for me.  Last weeks was one of those weeks where everything just seemed to go wrong. The week started with car problems for me. On Tuesday The Big Guy was rear-ended and ended up in the ER on Fri. For me Friday was probably the worst. It started finishing up getting things worked out with my Princess Cruiser and before noon I was in the ER with The Big Guy. Fortunately, he is ok just in a lot of pain. I tried to get his car taken care  of Friday but due to an insurance mix up it didn’t happen. So today first thing I headed over to the dealer again to drop off his car and pick up the rental. Ended up having to make a third trip to the dealer because the first rental smelled very smoky. Yes, it was supposed to be a non-smoking car.  Well, this is the car I ended up with.

rentalcarWhile I’ve been stressed about the entire situation. I really tried to be positive and not be so negative. Today, I can even see something nice in all of this.

6 thoughts on “Attitudes

  1. Now see, things are looking up! DH was not seriously hurt in the accident (thank the Lord), and the only way that car in the photo would be bad luck is if it RAINED! Ooops, don’t wanna jinx ya…But if it does rain, then you put the top up.


  2. Poor baby! Having to put up with a red convertible.

    When you were a tiny little girl, as soon as I started feeding you Gerber fruit (which you adored), you would start crying that it wass “All gone.”

    The apricots and Blueberry buckle were delicious!


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