Dogs Can Drive

Hi, its me Maddie Mae. Guess what I saw this documentary on TV about dogs driving. I learn a lot from watching TV. That is where I learned all about Zombies from watching documentaries with the Big Guy. If it is on TV it has to be true. Of course the Big Guy and … Continue reading Dogs Can Drive

Cord Cutters

Recently, I have had several people ask about alternatives to cable or satellite. The Big Guy and I have been cord cutters for about 10 years now. We became cord cutters out of necessity due to problems with both cable and satellite. We have tried Sling, Hulu Live, Direct TV Now, YouTube TV. Currently we … Continue reading Cord Cutters

Top 10: TV Theme Songs

This actually started as  a conversation The Big Guy and I had a few months ago.  Don't know how the conversation started but apparently I had spent more time thinking about the best or iconic TV themes than he had. Maybe it is a band thing. We did play several of these in band. #10: … Continue reading Top 10: TV Theme Songs

One More Time

Ram Truck's Farmer commercial in my opinion was the best Super Bowl commercial. It is a reminder of the people and values that built our country. It reminds me of one of my heroes, my Grandaddy. I learned many valuable lessons from my Granddaddy. Farmer by Paul Harvey And on the eighth day, God … Continue reading One More Time

Aspergers and the Media

One of the TV show's I watch regularly is NBC's Parenthood. Parenthood follows the challenges and daily lives of  Zeke (Craig T. Nelson) &  Camile Braverman (Bonnie Bedelia) Braverman and their adult children.  One of on-going story-lines revolves around Adam (Peter Kraus) & wife Kristina (Monica Potter) and the challenges they face raising Max (Max … Continue reading Aspergers and the Media