TV remote

Recently, I have had several people ask about alternatives to cable or satellite. The Big Guy and I have been cord cutters for about 10 years now. We became cord cutters out of necessity due to problems with both cable and satellite.

We have tried Sling, Hulu Live, Direct TV Now, YouTube TV. Currently we have PSVue. So here is the rundown.

Hulu live was awful. The interface was a impossible to use. We canceled in less than a day.

Direct TV Now and Sling are ok. Sling is Dishes streaming service. The navigation is very similar to cable or satellite so it is easy to get started.

YouTube TV is the easiest to use. If we were in a better market like Ft Worth we would probably have them because of all the local channels. The navigation is very simple and it has the easiest to use true DVR.

Philio is for someone who can get local channels over-the-air (OTA) and just wants cable channels.

While PSVue isn’t as good as YOuTube TV it has more local channels in a smaller market like Austin or Waco. It is also has sports for The Big Guy including Fox Sports. This year both Dish and Direct lost Fox Sports Southwest so no Ranger games. PSVUE also has all 3 Hallmark channels for mom and food and cooking for me. The down side is the cost, it can be unstable and it isn’t available on an XBox.

We have also had CBS All Access when we lived in area where we could get the major OTA channels except CBS.

One cool thing about Amazon Prime is that it includes Prime Videos. The selection is more limited than Netflix but there is no additional cost.

We have also used Hulu and Netflix. I am looking forward to the new Disney Plus service.

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