It’s me Maddie Mae again. The Big Guy took the fam out for a drive this weekend. It was fun. I like going for rides except they won’t let me drive. I want to drive.

Well anyway we drove by my park. You are not going to believe what I saw.

Do you see those zombie goats? That’s right they are letting goats camp in my park. The Big Guy said they were there to eat up this bad grass thingy called posion ivy. Yeah, maybe because they will eat anything. The goats used to try to eat my yard even though their yard was eleveenty seven thingys and mine is only 1 thingy. It is bad enough they let the ducks live there but now they put in a goat camp.

Peace Out,

Princess Maddie Mae Licks-a-lot

3 thoughts on “Look What They Did to My Park . . .

  1. Oh, Princess Maddie Mae! I have to admit your post and the picture of the Zombie Goats made me laugh. You poor thing to have to put up with those goats! But, one day you and your family may be grateful they are there so none of you get poison ivy on you! I think you would dislike that more than zombie goats!

    Make sure you don’t lick any poison ivy or any goats! šŸ™‚


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