Cord Cutters

Recently, I have had several people ask about alternatives to cable or satellite. The Big Guy and I have been cord cutters for about 10 years now. We became cord cutters out of necessity due to problems with both cable and satellite. We have tried Sling, Hulu Live, Direct TV Now, YouTube TV. Currently we … Continue reading Cord Cutters

Top 10: TV Theme Songs

This actually started as  a conversation The Big Guy and I had a few months ago.  Don't know how the conversation started but apparently I had spent more time thinking about the best or iconic TV themes than he had. Maybe it is a band thing. We did play several of these in band. #10: … Continue reading Top 10: TV Theme Songs

Is Extreme Makeover Home Edition Too Extreme?

After the Extreme Makeover Build in Gainesville, Florida I begin hearing rumors about the show that trouble me. After doing some investigation I have been able to confirm one of the rumors. It seems that some recipients of the homes have lost their home because they cannot afford the mortgage, increased taxes and/or increased utilities … Continue reading Is Extreme Makeover Home Edition Too Extreme?

Big Brother is Watching You Watch Him

Ok, this one just creeps me out. According to Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee, Comcast is developing devices with a built in camera designed to recognize the person turning on the cable box. Comcast's official reason for developing this is to improve the quality of the customer viewing experience. The cable box would make recommendations on … Continue reading Big Brother is Watching You Watch Him

Friday’s Feast

Appetizer On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting? 0 my handwriting is and has always been an embarrassment. It isn't because of lack of effort or that I didn't care despite what my maniacal teachers thought or said I thought. Rather it is because I … Continue reading Friday’s Feast

Go Ahead Ditch the Landline

A recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that for the first time Americans use or prefer a cell phone over a landline. Text-messaging, e-mail and camera capabilities are just a few of the features that make cell-phones a vital part of daily life. Participants in the survey were asked which … Continue reading Go Ahead Ditch the Landline