I’m having computer issues this week, so I am recycling some pictures. My first thought G is for green.
Tree near Lake Alice covered with Spanish Moss.
Of course green makes me think of trees. Tree near Lake Alice covered with Spanish Moss. You can see the bat house in the background.

Green trees in front of Castillo de San Marcos (Old Spanish Fort). The Castillo dates back to the St. Augustine’s earliest days under Spanish rule. My header contains a shot of the Castillo at night.

Spring time in Texas is pretty because not only is the grass is green. Spring is also when Bluebonnets and other wild flowers are in bloom.

Took a picture of this green butterfly on one of our trips to the Butterfly Rain Forest exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

That leafy green tree is really a person. This probably one of my favorite shots I took at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Cool shot I took of a green palm tree. Took this one Sunday when the Big Guy and I were walking on the Uf Campus.

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18 thoughts on “G is for Green

  1. Leslie, Magiceye, Columbo: TY

    Rune: Mine too.

    Denise: Never thought about it as recycling and green. Great point.

    Kim: I have even better shots of butterflies on my camera but can’t upload them right now. So look for more butterflies soon.


  2. Ellen: I am really pleased with how the palm tree turned out.

    Juha: Yes Bluebonnets are my favorite flower. Be sure to check out the link to the wild flowers.

    Readerwil: Nope taken in Florida & Texas.

    Mariana, Tommy V, Bear: TY


  3. Someone called them ‘gentle greens’ and I don’t think that was just to get another ‘G’ in! I felt at home when I saw your greens. They reminded me of our gum trees…….gentle green stretching on for ever.


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