ThrowBack Thursday: My New Toy

Going through my old posts and photos for Throwback Thursday and found this one from May of 2008. This is sort of a re-post. I had just gotten a new camera. The Big Guy was a grad student at the University of Florida. We took the camera along on a walk on campus to take … Continue reading ThrowBack Thursday: My New Toy

Sky Watch: Bat House at Lake Alice

I took these in July at  bat house near Lake Alice on the University of Florida Campus.  I wanted to include to a shot of the bat house. On an earlier post about the bat house I had one commenter questioned whether my pictures really were bats. He wanted to know how I knew they … Continue reading Sky Watch: Bat House at Lake Alice

G is for Green

I'm having computer issues this week, so I am recycling some pictures. My first thought G is for green. Of course green makes me think of trees. Tree near Lake Alice covered with Spanish Moss. You can see the bat house in the background. Green trees in front of Castillo de San Marcos (Old Spanish … Continue reading G is for Green

Sky Watch Friday: UF Walk

Took my camera along on one of our walks at University of Florida. My theme is "Above My Head" so, all of the shots were taken looking up. Looking up at a building across the street from Keene-Flint Hall (history building). Thought this mural above one the doors on one of the buildings looked cool. … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: UF Walk

Museum Nights

One of the cool things the University of Florida has for students are weekly Museum Nights. Tonight's event was admission into the . Most of the Florida Museum of Natural History is free except the butterfly's and special exhibit. We went tonight unfortunately I forgot my camera so the pictures were taken on a cell … Continue reading Museum Nights