News You Might Have Missed

Baghdad: The Next Hot Tourist Destination While I wouldn't select Baghdad as the destination for my next vacation that is the image Iraqi officials envision for their capital city. Some Iraqi officials are planning an extreme make-over. Officials are examining plans to promote Baghdad as a place of leisure. Among the proposed ideas to promote … Continue reading News You Might Have Missed

World Wide Telescope

Last week I read an article in The New York Times about the WorldWide Telescope. The WorldWide Telescope is a project developed by Microsoft researchers. This free software allows amateur astronomers to explore the universe and create amazing presentations. It has the potential for being a great aid for Science education. Listen to Roy Gould … Continue reading World Wide Telescope

Hey, This Is Your House I’m Flooding

Ok, I found this one on the Make Magazine Blog. It is a flood monitoring system that will enable your house to send you an automatic SMS message in the event of a flood.  While it is an interesting concept, it does raise some questions.  Doesn't a flood usually mean large amounts of water? I … Continue reading Hey, This Is Your House I’m Flooding

Gator Blood

Researchers in Louisiana became intrigued that alligators live in swamps, often get cuts or other injuries but rarely die from infections. The researchers studied alligator blood. They discovered that alligator blood can destroy 23 different strains of bacteria including strains that are resistant to antibiotics. Researchers hope that this discovery may lead to new drugs … Continue reading Gator Blood

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

Researchers in the Department of Ethology at Hungary's Eotvos Lorand University have found that dogs love to play. A dog's drive to play and please overrides other instincts. Researchers found that dogs who where socialized didn't even seem to care with whom they played. All of the dogs in study were pets and were used … Continue reading Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

Deceptive Feet

Dave Munger over at Cognitive Daily reviewed the results from the 2000 study by Marla Bigel and Colin Ellard about if the eyes or feet were more deceptive when judging distances. Most people are able to see something and judge the distances fairly well. (Ok, obviously I wasn't in the test group.) Also, most people … Continue reading Deceptive Feet