LadyResearchers in the Department of Ethology at Hungary’s Eotvos Lorand University have found that dogs love to play. A dog’s drive to play and please overrides other instincts. Researchers found that dogs who where socialized didn’t even seem to care with whom they played. All of the dogs in study were pets and were used to being around humans. The dogs in the study couldn’t resist playing their favorite games even with a stranger. The study found that the amount of time the owner spent playing with the dog and the variety of games were important. Dogs are driven by a need to please their humans.

See, I knew that dogs are better than cats. (For more on my view about cats read this.) Dogs understand that as a pet their primary responsibility is to their owner. Dogs want to please owners. Dogs want to make owners happy. However, I find it amusing that a scientific study was needed to prove that dogs love to play. Really all that is needed to figure this out is a dog, a human preferably a kid and a ball or other toy. The study proved that dogs just want to have fun.

Source: Discovery News

2 thoughts on “Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

  1. LoL I like cats though. I seem to always end up with cats that love me as much as a dog would…I had a cat that would once sleep on my pillow with me…and would never have anything to do with anyone else. Ever. Never had a dog that I could say I cried because I lost them in one way or another…but I cried when my cats died (one had a intestinal blockage, the other heart problems).

    I miss having a cat….


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