I took these in July at  bat house near Lake Alice on the University of Florida Campus.  I wanted to include to a shot of the bat house. On an earlier post about the bat house I had one commenter questioned whether my pictures really were bats. He wanted to know how I knew they were bats.  Well notice the bat picture on the bat house. Unfortunately, last month the bat house collapsed leaving thousands of bats homeless.

The little gray/black lines in the top right hand side are bats.


Bat House
Bat House
Alligator swimming in Lake Alice.
Alligator swimming in Lake Alice.

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13 thoughts on “Sky Watch: Bat House at Lake Alice

  1. Your pictures are really cool. I love the blue, and that gator is awesome!
    Dr.Pepper is the best, I even like diet Dr. Pepper. When I lived in Texas I went to the original Dr. Pepper bottling plant in Waco, and tasted the fresh stuff over shaved ice. Yum 🙂


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