Throwback Thursday: Drifting

Cedar Key, FL May 2011

Taken using a black & white filter on may camera. This may be one of my favorite shots.  I just get lost in the bigness of the Gulf and the Sky.

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Break 2003

Christmas 2003
Wolf Pen Creek Park
College Station, Texas

The Big Guy and I moved to Florida in July of 2003. This would be the 1st Christmas  of what would become an annual trek for the next several years. I don’t know if Texas was that much colder in December 2003 or if we were just not used to the cold. It was in the 60s when we left Florida.

Throwback Thursday: Big

Today’s Throwback Thursday was originally posted on Oct 17, 2012. It was for a weekly photo challenge with the topic big. It is one of my favorite shots.  I took it on the sunset cruise we took in Marathon, Florida. For this shot I’m lying down underneath the sail.

Throwback Thursday: Sky

From July 5th, 2011, this is one of my all-time favorite shots. It was taken in Cedar Key, Florida.

I took this at Cedar Key, Florida.  We had gone on the sunset cruise. The public pier is on the left hand side. It is the new concrete one that was built after the 2004 hurricanes wiped out the old ones.  On the right hand side is the old Sea Breeze restaurant.

Throwback Thursday: Rings

Posted May 29, 2012.

Noticed our rings on the dresser and thought it would make an interesting shot. I tweaked the picture some, found a better background and played with the lighting.



Throwback Thursday: Surfs Up

Posted January 26, 2012, this is one of my all-time favorites. It was one of those “perfect shots” that I stumbled up, literally this time. It was close to sunset and a family of surfers had ditched the boards to swim/play in the water.

Location: Flagler Beach, Florida