Throwback Thursday: Cedar Key at Sunset

I took this in 2014 on one of our trips to Cedar Key, Fl. Cedar Key is a quaint fishing village in North Central Florida on the Gulf Coast side. This shot was taken as our boat approached the deck.


Throwback Thursday: Sunset in World Golf Village

Originally posted, July 24, 2009.  When we lived in Florida, St. Augustine was one of our favorite get-a-way spots.  St. Augustine is a beautiful old city full of history, funky cool shops and of course the beach.
World Golf Village St. Augustine, Florida

I really love the contrast between the colors of the sky and the silhouette of the trees.


Throwback Thursday: Wakulla River

Wakulla River Florida
Wakulla River Florida

In the fall of 2013 we took a weekend trip to Wakulla State Park, in North West Florida. We stayed in the historic Lodge at Wakulla Springs. The Wakulla river is well preserved and the fall colors made it even more spectacular.

Throwback Thursday: Drifting

Cedar Key, FL May 2011

Taken using a black & white filter on may camera. This may be one of my favorite shots.  I just get lost in the bigness of the Gulf and the Sky.

Throwback Thursday: Hanging out in Micanopy

Micanopy, Florida is a quaint little town located off I-75 between Ocala and Gainesville, Florida.  The city’s tagline is “The Town History Forgot”.  Micanopy was named for the Seminole Chief Micanopy.  Micanopy was featured in the movies Doc Hollywood and Cross Creek.   This photo was taken around Christmas 2007. Yes, I know we are wearing short sleeves. Might have been wearing shorts. It was in Florida.

Christmas 2007

Throwback Thursday: Fun with The Big Guy

The Big Guy has a great sense of humor. He always finds way to make laugh.  These are shots from a photo shoot in 2006. The goal was to get photos for the Christmas card. Well, the Big Guy had to just be himself.

The Big Guy being himself during the photo shoot.
The Big Guy being himself during the photo shoot.
The Big Guy being serious.
The Big Guy being serious.
Photo Shoot Fall 2006
Final Shot

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Break 2003

Christmas 2003
Wolf Pen Creek Park
College Station, Texas

The Big Guy and I moved to Florida in July of 2003. This would be the 1st Christmas  of what would become an annual trek for the next several years. I don’t know if Texas was that much colder in December 2003 or if we were just not used to the cold. It was in the 60s when we left Florida.