How do I know if my students are using ADHD as an excuse?

One of the questions I was asked during my presentation Learning Disabilities and ADHD: An Insider's Perspective was how do you tell if a student really has ADHD. I was also asked about the clinical definition of ADHD. Personally, I have never been one for labels or official diagnosis. Instead I tried to find ways … Continue reading How do I know if my students are using ADHD as an excuse?


Dear ADHD, I really dislike hate you. You are disruptive and demanding.   It is as if you believe that defines and controls me. I am tired of the constant struggle to maintain balance and focus. I'm tired of struggling to keep of with simple task like the laundry and dishes. I'm tired of the never-ending … Continue reading Dear ADHD

Top 10: Student Excuses

#10: "It is too hard."  I've been surprised by the growing number of very bright and otherwise successful students that are afraid of failure. When a task is too hard they want to quit or get out of the class. Often the reason stated is that a low grade will have a negative impact on … Continue reading Top 10: Student Excuses

An Insider’s Look At ADHD

I am not expert on ADHD however I do have a degree in special education and about 15 years experience teaching. So, why I do I think I’m qualified to talk about ADHD? In two words life experience, ADHD is something I deal with on a daily basis. This is based on personal observation as … Continue reading An Insider’s Look At ADHD

What Keep’s You Up At Night?

This is a rather fitting topic for this week. I've had problems with allergies/sinus this week. One of the negatives of living in a state where things stay green most of the year and everything is in bloom this time of year is that allergies during pollen season are going to be a big problem. … Continue reading What Keep’s You Up At Night?