Dear ADHD,

I really dislike hate you. You are disruptive and demanding.   It is as if you believe that defines and controls me.

I am tired of the constant struggle to maintain balance and focus. I’m tired of struggling to keep of with simple task like the laundry and dishes. I’m tired of the never-ending battle to remain organized. BTW, hiding my planner is not cool.

Well, I guess you aren’t completely bad. Multitasking is a useful tool. As an educator it is a good skill to be able to help more than one student at a time or supervise more than one group.  There have been many times that being able to keep going like the Energizer Bunny was necessary for survival. This was especially helpful in graduate school and for the numerous camps and lock-ins I’ve chaperoned.

I am writing this at the end of one of those days where I’m so tired of the constant struggle. It is has been one long fight to stay on task and not let things around me interrupt me. It has been a day when I’m reconsidering my decision to not take meds.  I’m not against them I just like the advantages when ADHD is well managed.  I’ve always said that ADHD can either be your worst enemy or your secret weapon. Its all about who is in control ADHD or you.

ADHD you have been put on notice that you do not have my permission to mess with my life.



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