I’ve made it a personal mission to try all of the yogurt and ice cream places that open Gainesville. There have been several open in the past year or so. Think I’ve tried all but one or two.  Yogurtology opened sometime this summer.

Yogurtology is  one of those trendy self-service yogurt places. Even though it is self-service the staff didn’t want to allow customers to get their own yogurt. They also push getting a bottom like cake for the yogurt. Since it is sold by the ounce that does add to the cost.  Yes, I’m one of those who selects toppings based on weight.

The flavor selection was unique. Most of the flavors that day were based on candy or deserts. However the taste was below average. I had to try at least 5 flavors before I found one that was okay. I was really disappointed in the oatmeal cookie and taffy banana. The taffy banana was so lacking in taste and I had to look at the sign to figure out the flavor.


Food: Below average. Yogurt was lacking in flavor.

Selection: Good. They have some unique flavors.

Service: Average. The staff does need to learn what the word self-serve means.

Atmosphere: Average.

Allergy Rating: Slightly below average. The staff had no real knowledge of what was in the yogurt.

Overall: Slightly below average.

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