Review: Cairo Grill

Cairo Grill may be one of my favorite places Gainesville, Florida.  They feature traditional Egyptian and Mediterranean cuisine. Rating: Food: The food is unique, fresh and fast.  The Cairo Grill is a quick service restaurant featuring real food. If you like Greek or Mediterranean cuisine I highly recommend giving the Cairo Grill a try.  I … Continue reading Review: Cairo Grill

Review: Dolce Vita Bakery Cafe

Dolce Vita Bakery (Gainesville, Fl) is a locally owned bakery that serves breakfast and lunch. Everything is made fresh in-house. My personal favorites are the croissants, the pistachio muffins and cronuts. On Saturdays they also have cinnamon sugar cronuts. A cronut is a doughnut made from croissant dough, fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar. I … Continue reading Review: Dolce Vita Bakery Cafe

Top 10: Best of Gainesville, Florida

We have been doing the Real Food Challenge: 14 Week Challenge. The challenge for week 11 is to eat local. I am a big support of supporting local businesses. The Eat Local challenge inspired me to compile a list of favorite local business in Gainesville.  Not all of the business are local but I recommend … Continue reading Top 10: Best of Gainesville, Florida

Review: Yogurtology

I've made it a personal mission to try all of the yogurt and ice cream places that open Gainesville. There have been several open in the past year or so. Think I've tried all but one or two.  Yogurtology opened sometime this summer. Yogurtology is  one of those trendy self-service yogurt places. Even though it … Continue reading Review: Yogurtology

Review: Pazza Bistro

Updated 7/24/2015 -- Closed Pazza Bistro may be one of my favorite places in Gainesville. It is a very simple concept: fresh food at a good price. I like that the sauces and many of the pastas are made in house.  They serve pasta, pizza, flatbread and salads.  Every entrée comes with either a salad … Continue reading Review: Pazza Bistro

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Location: Devil's Millhopper State Geological Park, Gainesville, FL Found this bit of history about Devil’s Millhopper on the park website. Devil’s Millhopper gets its unique name from its funnel-like shape. During the 1880’s, farmers used to grind grain in gristmills. On the top of the mill was a funnel-shaped container called a “hopper” that held … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Up