Updated 7/24/2015 — Closed

Pazza Bistro may be one of my favorite places in Gainesville. It is a very simple concept: fresh food at a good price. I like that the sauces and many of the pastas are made in house.  They serve pasta, pizza, flatbread and salads.  Every entrée comes with either a salad or garlic bread.  The large pasta is large enough to share. We like to order 2 entrées and share. Oh, the salad and garlic bread is also large enough to share, as well.

I like how the pizza is cooked over an open flame. It makes the crust extra crispy.  Think I have had all of the pizzas and they are all good. Oh, I haven’t tried the inferno pizza.

The pizza is amazing but the pastas are may favorite.  I really like the almost endless combinations of pastas. You get to select the pasta, sauce and any extras. Each week they offer a chef’s special. I recommend the Carbonaro or Bolognese sauce with either fettuccine or gnocchi.

I do have a couple of complaints about Pazza Bistro. They are on the other side of town. When we moved I couldn’t convince them to relocate to the other side of town. The garlic bread has way to much garlic.


  • Food: Outstanding — except the garlic bread
  • Selection: Excellent — A simple menu with unlimited combinations
  • Staff:   Excellent — Friendly, professional,
  • Atmosphere: Excellent — Open kitchen; clean; cool place
  • Overall: Excellent.

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